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What is the main cause for tooth loss in adults and the elderly?

Gum disease, (also known as periodontal disease) effects 4 out of 5 adults.

Early warning signs are:

1. Loose teeth
2. Receding gums
3. Bleeding gums
4. Shifting teeth
5. Bad breath
6. Changes in bite

What is your best defense against gum disease?

Brushing, flossing, and regular dental exams.

How does a cavity occur?

Cavities starts with plaque and food debris building up on your teeth. This turns into bacteria which uses sugar to create acids, which weaken the tooth enamel. The results is cavity formation that can lead to other dental problems.

How can cavities and decay be prevented?

Brushing your teeth daily, and regular flossing,as well as eating less sugar will keep you on the right track for good dental health .

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