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Cosmetic dental work

Check out Dr. Borgman's menu of smile enhancements.

Teeth Whitening:

Get whiter teeth by removing stains and discoloration with either a tray method or an in-office procedure.


Veneers are thin permanent shells of porcelain, which can be bonded to a tooth to close spaces or cover pitted stained enamel.


Protect weakened teeth and restore a natural bite. The weakened part of the tooth is removed and a crown is placed over the remaining core. We now offer CEREC same-day crowns, in addition to traditional laboratory-made crowns.


Corrects minor imperfections, using high-density resin and can be done in just one office visit.


Recommended for straightening teeth without having to wear braces. Invisible, removable, comfortable, and convenient aligners that move and straighten teeth. Wearing each set of aligners for about two weeks moves teeth gradually, to achieve the desired result.

Dental implants:

Replace a missing tooth or teeth, with a titanium rod into the bone, and then a crown is put on it after a healing period.

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